Brand Ambassador Recruiting Program!


  • Brand Ambassadors who are credit with 3 sales are now able to recruit other Brand Ambassadors to work under you.

  • You will be given another custom link where people that you recommend will use that link to register to become a Brand Ambassador. Once they become an Ambassador, you will now automatically receive 4% of every single sale that they make!

  • To clarify once more, once a Brand Ambassador is registered under you, we will now pay you 4% of EVERY.SINGLE.SALE that they make!

  • There are no limits to the number of Brand Ambassadors that you can have under you! 

    • Example: If you become a Brand Partner and then somehow get 30 new Brand Ambassadors to register under you; you will now be paid for every single purchase made by all 30 of the Brand Ambassadors under you. 

  • In Addition: If the Brand Ambassador that you initially register, in return registers other Ambassadors under them, you will also be compensated for their sales. Our recruiting program goes down 3 levels. Please see below for a visual representation of the program:

  • Even though the Brand Ambassador is registered under you, they are still a normal Brand Ambassador with full access to our benefits. That means they will still be paid the 15% commission that every other Ambassador receives. The 4% that is being paid to the Brand Partner, is coming from the Company’s (GreenWood Dist.) cut of the sale. Our leadership decided that if our Brand Ambassadors enjoy our brand, our overall message, and our products enough to tell their friends about it, and they end up becoming ambassadors…....then we believe you should be justly and correctly compensated for that.
  • In addition, GreenWood Dist. Brand Partners will continue to have their original custom link. So that you are still able to get paid from purchases that were credited to them.
We do not take this lightly, and are very excited to further our relationship with you all.
How do I get the sign up link to have other people register under me?
1)  Sign into your Affilo account.
2)  On the left side of the menu, click "Multi-level Marketing."
3)  Next you will be shown your Brand Ambassador Recruiting link. Unfortunately a lot of the links are long and cumbersome, but this will serve as your personal link where other Brand Ambassadors will be able to register under you. 
Before anyone that you know registers
If you are confused by any of the steps or need help getting your link, please reach out to our Program Coordinator at