Brand Ambassador Discount Code


Brand Ambassador Discount Codes  

1)   Check the email that you just registered with and verify the account. The verification email should look just like this:
2)  After you hit "click here" and verify your email. You are now brought the the Brand Ambassador Dashboard. You will then set up your account information along with how you would like to be paid. You do this by clicking "Account and Settings" on the menu found on the left:
3) Please fill out everything under "General Settings" along with entering your Paypal information under "Payment Settings."
4) After you fill out the Account and Payment Information, you will then create your Discount Code. You do this by going to the menu on the left and clicking "Discount Code."
5) You would then click "Request a Discount Code."
6) Next, please fill out the fields, and ensure that you select 10% as the discount code.
7)  At this point we would then verify your discount code so that you are now able to selling. Welcome to our Family!