Join Thousands of your Peers in the Greenwood Dist. Brand Ambassador Program!

The Greenwood Dist. Brand Ambassador Program is a partnership opportunity for those who believe in our core message

Greenwood Dist. Ambassadors use their network to let people know about our brand along with spreading our vision and values. We do not enforce any specific ways on how to do this, which means we definitely don't tell you when or how to post or anything of that nature. Brand Ambassadors are only asked to tag our social media accounts if they post our product or refer to our company on social media.

As a Greenwood Dist Brand Ambassador you gain access to...

Exclusive Products


Cash Commissions

And More!





    • What do Brand Ambassadors do? 
      • Brand Ambassadors use their network to market and spread our message along with our line of clothing.
    • Are there any up front costs, costs at all, or do I have to purchase anything?
      • No! Although we do not give free products at the beginning of the Brand Ambassador process, Greenwood Dist. Brand Ambassadors are given multiple ways to market our products without making purchases. 
    • How is payment determined?
      • Our Brand Ambassadors are paid 15% of every product that they sell. This is tracked using the Discount Code that they are assigned.
    • What is the Discount Code and when do I received one?
      • The Discount Code is a code that every Brand Ambassador creates. This code will allow your customers to receive 10% off of their sales. You are assigned a Discount Code in the registration process.
    • Is there a limit on how much a Brand Ambassador can make?
      • No. Brand Ambassadors are able to earn however much they would like. 
    • When do Ambassadors get paid?
      • Ambassadors are paid on a bi-weekly basis.
    • Still have more questions?
      • Email our Ambassador Program Coordinator at